Name Description Walkthrough Stars
Cheater Enter the Konami code in the achievements screen. Type the Konami code on the achievements screen: ↑, ↑, ↓, ↓, ←, →, ←, →, B, A 0.05%
Knowledge is Power Feed the Dragon 1337 times. Go to the Dragon page and keep feeding him. Best to spread over multiple days, as the cost increases each time, but resets at the end of the day. 0.15%
Lost Again Get the 'YOU LOST THE GAME...' message from the Dragon twice. (Fixed in version 1567.) Just keep feeding the Dragon. Like for 'Knowledge is Power', it is best to spread over multiple days. (Chance=0.5%) 0.10%
EXPerienced Click on the EXP bar 50 times. The EXP bar is in the top right of the screen, in case you somehow managed to forget. 0.10%
YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG Be in Anti-Idle mode and don't claim a reward for 30 minutes. Switch the progress bar to Anti-Idle mode, walk away from the computer for half an hour, and go back. 0.15%
Patience is a Virtue Click on the 'Coming Soon' button in the World dropdown menu 50 times. The 'Coming Soon' button is at the very bottom of the 'World' drop-down menu. (Not the "Upcoming Content" button.)  Click away. 0.05%
Yay, Credits! View the Credits, then enter the code it gives you into the box on the Achievements screen. Open the credits on the starting screen (press C), then go into your file. 0.05%
Walked Through Type tJv89gX6 into the box on the Achievements screen. Copy-paste the code tJv89gX6. 0.05%
Destroyer of Forests Destroy 50 trees in a row in the Garden. Just plant as many free trees as you can, and then destroy them. 0.05%
Greedy Click on the bag of coins in Ye Olde Pub in the Battle Arena. You can get this achievement as soon as you buy the Battle Arena, since you start in the Ye Olde Pub. 0.05%
LOL BUG? In Triangle Count, set the counter to 100 (C) triangles. After getting the arcade, play Triangle Count, then press the right arrow key 100 times. 0.05%
Perfectionist Get a perfect click on the Button three times in a row. Zoom in and/or use the Shift key to make this easier. 0.15%
Immortality Repair the Button 100 times when it isn't broken. Click the repair button 100 times when the button is not broken. 0.10%
Survivor Survive the entire time in Pong. Best done when you're not sleepy. 0.20%
Failproof Read all of the instructions in TukkunFCG. Click the TFCG Instructions button. Then mash the "Next Page" Button. 0.10%
'I Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts!' Click on the ghost that appears on the World Map. The ghost only appears between 8pm and 4am. It will appear a bit above and right of Dragon Cave after a minute on the World screen. Once he appears the pointer will change and you can just click. Visual Reference 0.05%
Serious Business Get advice 50 times in the LolMarket. Spam the Get Advice button. 0.05%
Now It's Useless! Press the Spacebar when viewing the initial Arcade Screen. It's the long key on the bottom of your keyboard. 0.05%
Necronomnomnomiconquerer Defeat 21 level 7 enemies in TukkunFCG. Poison/Regen tactics works best here. Refer to the various FCG guides on the Kong thread for help. 0.15%
Still Doing It? Press the Button 102400 times. It could be psychologically easier if you think of it as acquiring the 'Button Mashine' achievement twice and then some. 0.10%
Now You're A Hero Kill the Grinning Colossus. Use the Burning Rope to kill it (it's the only effective weapon). 0.10%
Max Combo Get a combo of 9999 in the Battle Arena.

Three Easy ways to get this;

Idle in the first training zone, or use a laser gun at mystic path.

Fight a Secret Crystal with any pickaxe and use Quick attack (X). You may need some MP regen.

Use a weapon which has 25 Attack Speed, go to the Dark Pyramid and, use Quick Attack for the entire duration. 

Secret Title Changer Change your title to that of a Secret Achievement. Just click on any Secret Achievement you've already got. 0.05%
This One is Obvious Get 1337 kills in the Mystic Path. This is best done with a mining pickaxe.  0.15%
RickRoll'd Get a score of 250000 or above in MMR Song 1. Auto-Play will achieve this score for you. 0.15%
Nightmare Finish a round of the Dark Pyramid without receiving any bonus. Remove all gear and remove all your skills before you enter. Also Nightmare Buff (Cursed Pendant or Level 5 recipe and craft Potion) will help. 0.10%
Level 11 Reached! Reach level 11 in TukkunFCG. Grind on level 6 opponents. 0.15%
Helpful Complete 100 missions in the Battle Arena. You'll most likely do 100 Mission Kommander missions before you do any others. 0.15%
No Help For You Press F1. On your keyboard. 0.10%
Wrong Game? Touch the "A" at the end of the Stadium practice race. Use the blocks near the finish line to boost and jump over the finish line to do it. You will need to have some upgrades in your abilities. 0.10%
Chuck Norris In Math Master, divide by zero. In any 'choose the operator' question, click the divide-by sign if the second number in the sum is zero (0). 0.05%
Pacifist Don't kill anybody in a Stadium Death Match. Run in a corner and don't attack any of them. Smart to do this with No Death achievement. 0.05%
No Death Don't die in a Stadium Death Match. Run in a corner and pray. Best done with the Pacifist achievement. (If you jump while in the corner enemies tend to ignore you.) 0.10%
Wake Up Score 0 points in any arcade game. Play Ultimate Avoidance and move the mouse out of the screen or play MMR and quit right away. 0.05%
Ascended Ascend once. Level 9000, here you come! 0.30%
Rebirthed  Rebirth once. Craft the Rebirth potion in Battle Arena and use it once you hit Rank 500. 0.25%