Each player has a number of statistics in the Battle Arena that determine his or her fighting abilities. Understanding these is vital to success in fighting monsters.

Experience-Related Statistics

Arena EXP

By defeating monsters and completing Missions, the character gains Arena EXP. This is separate from a player's total EXP in Anti-Idle: The Game.


A character's Rank increases when enough Arena EXP is gained. All characters start at rank 1. The maximum rank is 500. Increasing one's rank grants the character 20 skill points and a minor increase to their major statistics. At rank 500, another 2500 more Skill Points can be looted from monsters, up to the maximum of 12500 Skill Points. Rank affects what equipment a player can use. (Note: Extra 2,500 Skill Points do NOT get reset when Rebirthing).

Major Statistics

Certain loot drops (red circles or Rings) provide permanent increases to these stats.

The player may increase Attack, Defence, HP, or MP by paying a number of Pixels on the Stats screen, so long as that statistic does not exceed its Soft Cap. The cost of increasing these statistics with Pixels increases as the statistic increases. After the soft cap is reached, the stats can be further increased by looting Stat drops from monsters.

The value of each stat may not exceed the Hard Cap listed.

Name Effect Growth/Rank Soft Cap Hard Cap
Attack Higher damage dealt 2 + sqrt(Rank / 6) 65,000 90,000
Defense Less damage taken 2 + sqrt(Rank / 6) 65,000 90,000
HP Can survive stronger attacks, faster HP recharge 12 + sqrt(Rank * 2) 650,000 900,000
MP Can cast more skills, faster MP recharge 3 + sqrt(Rank) 260,000 360,000
Accuracy Higher chance to hit enemies 1 + sqrt(Rank / 12) N/A 18,000
Evasion Higher chance to dodge an attack 1 + sqrt(Rank / 12) N/A 18,000
Attack is directly proportional to the damage dealt, so doubling your final attack power will double the damage you deal. The base attack power is listen in parentheses, while the number to its left is the final attack power, which is simply the base attack power plus modifiers.
Defense is divided into a damage resist percentage value and a secondary numerical value. In the game, the resist percentage is mistakenly listed as 1% per 50 equip def. The actual value is 1% per 100 equip def. The purpose of the secondary value can hopefully be clarified by someone else, although it does not seem to be proportional to damage taken. This is surmised by the fact that high amounts of ignore defense elicit little effect vs. monsters.
Accuracy is divided into a percentage value and a numerical value. The percentage value, also labeled in the game as hit chance, is the percent chance for a guaranteed hit, while the numerical value is factored in somehow (clarification?) against the enemy's evasion. Accuracy is also affected by level, and too large of a level deficit will further penalize accuracy. Your critical damage also increases by 1% for every 1,000 Accuracy you have.
Similar to accuracy, evasion is divided into a percent value and a numerical value. The percent value is the percent chance for a guaranteed dodge, while the evasion is factored in somehow with the enemy's accuracy. Evasion is similarly affected by level.

Other Statistics

Other statistics are listed below. These may be affected by Skills or by Equipment, but generally do not increase with rank or level like the major statistics do.

Name Effect
Critical Chance Critical Hit Chance
Critical Damage Critical Hit Damage
Double Hit Double Hit Chance
Rage Depletion Reduces the Speed of Rage Depletion
Poison Chance Chance of inflicting Poison when attacking
Weaken Chance Chance of inflicting Weaken when attacking
Blind Chance Chance of inflicting Blind when attacking
Stun Chance Chance of inflicting Stun when attacking
Mastery Increases Min. Damage
Ignore DEF Ignores part of enemy's Defense
Reflect Reflect Damage when attacked
HP / 1 Sec HP Regen each second
MP / 1 Sec MP Regen each second
Drain Allows you to drain some damage to turn into HP when attacked
Autosteal Allows you to steal Coins and Pixels based on damage dealt
Poison Damage Damage dealt by Poison and Poison Duration
Weaken Effect Attack and Defense reduction by Weaken and Weaken Duration
Blind Effect Accuracy and Evasion reduction by Blind and Blind Duration
Attack Speed Reduce delay between attacks/abilities like Quick Attack
Potion Efficiency Every 10% to Potion Efficiency gives .1 seconds more to the duration

of a Potion (e.g 120% = 1.2 seconds instead of 1 second)