Binary Battlefield
Binary Battlefield
Image of Binary Battlefield

Required Rank

45 (VIP Travelling Ticket Required)

Level Range

1100-1800 (1430-2340 Hardcore)

Area to the left

The Beach

Area to the right

Dragon Cave

# of enemies




Binary Battlefield is a zone that has a very high tech background. It connects to The Beach to the left, Dragon Cave to the right, and a single red pixel in the background can be clicked to go to Pokayman City, starting at Rank 250.


Interesting Facts

  • The green flickering symbols in the background are 1's and 0's - binary numbers in sets of eight, or "bytes." This is called "binary".
['01000001', '01101110', '01110100', '01101001', '00101101', '01001001', '01100100', '01101100', '01100101']
The numbers are ASCII codes for letters, which spell out a message:
['A', 'n', 't', 'i', '-', 'I', 'd', 'l', 'e']
  • The numbers on the floor ['01001100','01001111','01001100'] spell ['L', 'O', 'L']


This zone requires a VIP travelling ticket in order to enter.