The Boost Generator allows you to boost three elements of Anti Idle: the rate at which the progress bar advances, the amount of experience earned from most sources, and the amount of coins received from most sources. You can buy it at Level 4 for 2000Coin-template in the feature shop and it's the first feature that you need to pay for, since idle mode comes for free.

Boost Generator as of 1664

Boost Generator, as of 1664

  • You may refill your boost to its regular maximum capacity for free.
  • You can use a Regular Boost Potion to refill your boost to 1.5x your maximum boost capacity.
  • You can use a Mega Boost Potion to refill your boost to 2.5x your maximum boost capacity.
  • Ants will eat your boost; the higher your Boost is above your Minimum Boost, the more Ants there will be and the faster your Boost will drop.
  • You can freeze your boost for 45 seconds by using a Boost Potion or using a Freeze Module in your Progress Bar.
  • Boosts are automatically awarded for several game events, such as leveling up, or winning a death match in the Stadium, Button Machine, Battle Arena as loot and other features. These are added to your current boost, which can be eaten by ants.
  • The initial Minimum Boost is 500%.
  • You may increase your Minimum Boost up to 1300% through the use of Green Coins .
  • You can also increase the Minimum Boost by up to an additional 300% by feeding the Dragon of Wisdom Yellow Coins or from First Ascensions Perk.