Description Most common coin
Max 999,999,999,999
  • They are used to buy almost every feature in the game
  • Chaos Crates
  • Insta-Progress
  • Dragon Feeding
  • Shiny Tokens
  • Most commonly used currency in Anti-Idle.
  • Used to buy almost every feature in the game
  • The max amount of coins is 999,999,999,999 (highest possible number made of 12 digits)
  • The most expensive things in A-I:TG costs 900,000,000,000 Coins, which is the last Skill up(30) on Fishing.
Green Coins
Description "Needed for many important upgrades and certain items."
Max 999,999,999
  • Used to purchase gems to trade in the LolMarket
  • You generally earn more Green Coins from sources when you are active
  • In version 1476, the cap was raised from 9,999,999 at the request of a number of players. 
  • Green coins gained from several sources were halved if you had at least 10,000,000.
  • In version 1559, the restriction on green coin gain above 10,000,000 was removed entirely.
Blue Coins
Description Rarest coin
Max 999,999

Feature Shop: Progress Bar Speed, VIP Ticket, the Super Battery, etc.

Mystery Shop: Most Boxes, Technical Lights, Fishing Rods


The few ways you may obtain the blue coins every day include but are not limited to.

  • Daily Rewards(Mini-Game):
  • You gain a fixed amount of blue coins that increases with your consecutive day's played (to a limit)
  • Battle Arena:
    • Blue Coins sometimes drop as loot from Battle Arena monsters
  • Arcade:
    • Claiming Prize
  • Stadium:
    • You may receive Blue Coins in small amounts for winning races. Rank and time are factored into the amount
  • Button Machine:
    • Excellent Click: 50% chance for Blue Coin
    • Perfect Click: 2 Blue Coins
  • Garden:
    • Each harvest gives blue coins starting with gray trees at 1 Blue Coin/harvest.
  • Tukkun FCG:
    • Every time you win you get an amount of Blue Coins equal to half the FCG exp you get, rounded down.
  • Leveling
    • Every 1000 levels you get Blue Coins equal to 2.5 times your level
    • Level 9001 grants an amount of BC based on EXP required(For every 2 billion EXP you needed for reach level 9001, you get 1 BC. Caps at 100,000)
  • LolMarket:
    • +1 per 1000 profit & +1 per profitable gem sold
  • Adventures:
    • Giving Energy Refills to the tired adventurer for 100 BC
    • Selling Reputation
  • Progress Bar:
    • You will get 1 BC for every 10 anti-idle progress rewards.
  • Typing Game:
    • You will get 3 BC for every line you type correctly, plus 50 + WPM for finishing.
    • First time: 2,000 BC
    • After Accending: Ascensions * (10,000 + 10*WPM)
White Coins
Description Coin in the Revive! update, even rarer than blue coins.
Max 999,999

REST: Upgrade

House: Buy stuff.

Simulation Cyborg: Buy Cyborg Points

Progress Bar: Buy Progress Bar Modules

  • Garden
    • You have a chance to get White Coins when harvesting trees.
  • Battle Arena
    • You have a chance to loot White Coins when killing boss monsters.
  • Button Machine
    • Depending on your click accuracy, you can receive up to 3 White Coins when you break the button. Only applies to first 50,000 clicks each day.
  • Arcade
    • You have a chance to collect White Coins when playing certain games.
      • Pong: White Coins will occasionally appear on the playing screen. You get the White Coin when the ball touches it.
      • Ultimate Avoidance: White Coins will occasionally appear on the playing screen. You get the White Coin when you move your mouse over it.
      • Whack–a–greg: White Coins will occasionally appear. You get the White Coin when you click it.
      • MindSweeper: You have a chance to receive a White Coin when you reveal a tile
      • Math Master, Triangle Count and Balance 3: You get White Coins whenever you get a high Score Multiplier.
  • Stadium
    • A White Coin will sometimes appear in the following modes:
      • Simple Race (Hard or Impossible difficulty)
      • Item Fight (Hard or Impossible difficulty)
      • Death Match(DM will also award some WC based on final PWNts score: 20 PWNts, 1 White Coin)
    • Simply touch the White Coin to collect it (similar to collecting items).
    • Your opponents can collect the White Coin too, so be quick!
  • TukkunFCG
    • You receive an amount of White Coins based on the level of the opponent you defeated.
    • Level 6: 2 White Coins
    • Level 7/8: 4 White Coins
    • Level 10: 25 White Coins(50 if Tukkun)
    • Level 9: 25 White Coins on Round 1-9, 75 on Round 10)
  • Awesome Adventures
    • You can buy White Coins using Green Coins in a new adventure. This adventure appears in Titled Zone only.
  • Fishing
    • When actively fishing, you have a chance to catch 1 White Coin.
  • Ascending
    • Every time you ascend, you get an amount of White Coins based on how many Ascension Points you get on next ascension. 1 Ascension Point = 250 White Coins
    • Level 9001 awards you 250 White Coins on Mediums, 500 WC on Hards, 1,000 WC on Impossibles. Half amount if the ascend is penaltyless(100+ ascensions).
    • Every time you start an Impossible Ascension, you also gain 100 White Coins as a gift for starting Impossibles past v1727.

Battle Arena

For a complete list of currency, please check Battle Arena Currency here.

Description Main currency in the Battle Arena
Max 999,999,999,999

Buying Equipment in the Battle Arena

Increasing stats in the Battle Arena

Expanding Item Storage in the Battle Arena

Crafting Material
Description An uncommon material that drops from monsters.
Max 999,999,999,999
Uses Craft: Required for most Battle Arena equipment
Sources Monsters, from the Special Shop, Pixel Crates, Daily bonuses, and from Awesome Adventures. Also by recycling junk in Fishing.
Description A very rare material that drops from epic monsters.
Max 9,999,999
Uses Craft: Mystery Enhancers, Unobtainium Pendant, a few Trinkets, a few Medals, Unobtainium Pickaxe and some weapons/armor.
Sources Epic monsters, from the Special Shop, Pixel Crates, Daily bonuses, and from Awesome Adventures.


Event Tokens
Description Currency gained by events.
Max none

Buying in the Special Shop

Details Currency gained by doing different thing according to the current day event.
Quest Tokens
Description Currency gained by finishing quests.
Max none

Buying in the Special Shop

Details Quest Tokens are gained by finishing quests, more if the quest is higher grade, or from completing Random Quests. 
Shiny Tokens
Description Currency gained by spending Yellow Coins on Mystery Shop(30 billion Coins = 1 Shiny Token)
Max 9,999
  • Purchasing shiny modules.
  • Module Shop Restock

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  • Appeared after version 1198