Mystery Boxes

The Mystery Box screen will allow you to open any mystery boxes you have received.

Types & Rewards

There are currently 10 types of mystery boxes. These images are from v1,742. Numbers show the percent chance of getting an item in that color set or percent chance of getting a specific item.

Explosion Crate


Explosion Crate Rewards

Awesome Crate


Awesome Crate Rewards

Chaos Crate


Chaos Crate Rewards

Apocalypse Crate


Apocalypse Crate Rewards

Supply Crate


Supply Crate Rewards

Attendance Box


Attendance Box Rewards

Gambler's Box


Gambler's Box Rewards

Pixelated Mystery Box


Pixelated Mystery Box Rewards

Legendary Box


Legendary Box Rewards

Progress Box


Progress Box Rewards

How to get them

There are many ways to get Mystery Boxes, from buying to Battle Arena to various other features. These features are:

Mystery Shop

The most straightforward way to get Mystery Boxes, and home to all of them except the Attendance Box.

  • Explosion Crate price: 400 Bluecoin-template.
  • Awesome Crate price: 500 Bluecoin-template.
  • Chaos Crate price: 6,666,666,666 Coin-template.
  • Apocalypse Crate price: 3,000 Bluecoin-template.
  • Supply Crate price: 50,000 Bluecoin-template.
  • Attendance Box price: Not purchaseable.
  • Gambler's Box price: 1,200,000 Greencoin-template.
  • Pixelated Mystery Box price: 1,000 Bluecoin-template.
  • Legendary Box price: 5,000 Bluecoin-template.
  • Progress Box price: 300,000 Greencoin-template.

Special Shop

You can buy 4 out of the 10 mystery boxes in the Special Shop. You can buy them with quest or event tokens. Inventory refreshes on a daily basis.

  • Explosion Crate price (10 boxes): 800 Quest Tokens/800 Event Tokens
  • Awesome Crate Box price (10 boxes): 1,000 Quest Tokens/1,000 Event Tokens
  • PIxelated Mystery Box price (10 boxes): 2,000 Quest Tokens/2,000 Event Tokens
  • Legendary Box price (5 boxes): 5,000 Quest Tokens/5,000 Event Tokens

Battle Arena

You can get Pixelated Mystery Boxes by completing Mission Kommander's Mission. Formula PMB's get every time mission is completed is given by "1 + (arenaKommanderComplete / 100)". 9th mission and every 10 missions after that give 1 extra Pixelated Mystery Box. Maximum possible is 100 boxes per misssion.

Button Machine

Explosion Crate, Awesome Crates, Chaos Crates, and Legendary Boxes can be found when the button breaks, if the hit combo is high enough. More information can be found here. You can also obtain these boxes when you claim Button Basher business reward.


Explosion Crate, Awesome Crates, Chaos Crates, and Legendary Boxes can be fished out at high streaks.

Daily Reward

You can find various boxes in squares, including, but not limited to Legendary Boxes, Explosion Crates or Progress Boxes. This is also the only way to get Attendance Boxes. After you play Anti-Idle: The Game for 7 consecutive days- or buy a Daily Bonus Restore when your streak breaks at at least 7- there will be 1 Attendance Box hidden in the squares each day. You can also get Attendance Boxes or Supply Crates when you play enough days in same month.

Random Quests

Some quests will also give you a certain amount of mystery boxes as reward for completing them.


When any career levels up to at least level 100, you get 1 Supply Crate. When career is level 200, you get Supply Crate for every 40,000,000 Career EXP obtained.

Awesome Adventures

You can obtain Legendary Box or Pixelated Mystery Box from opening the box in Cakeland Zone adventure.


You can trade 10 1.5x EXP or 1.5x Coin card; 25 Idlebot, Auto Harvest , Battery Charger, Demand Master or Quick Adventures cards; 50 Invincibility Stars, Stadium Pro, FCG Power User or Elite Fisher cards for 1 Supply crate.

Dragon of Wisdom

If you already have 300% max boost from Dragon, you have 4% chance to get 10-40 Legendary Boxes when you fill the Dragon feeding bar. You also gain 2 Legendary Boxes when claiming the reward for reaching level 250. Starting from level 1000, the reward is 1 Supply crate every 1000 levels + one more time at level 9001.

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