The Mystery Shop was a shop where special items could be purchased for Blue Coins, Green Coins and Yellow Coins. It was combined with the Feature Shop in version 1665 in the Shop interface. Previous versions required Mystery Points or Red Coins to purchase items.



The items available for purchase in the Mystery Shop used to change each day which was shown in the "stock" column.

Boxes included the Army Box, Greg Box, Kong Box, Pirate Box, Special Box, Mystery Box, and others. There were also "random boxes" that would give you a random item from a category.

Example: If you purchased the Army Box, you would receive a piece of army equipment that your character could wear.

Three packs were available for purchase: Boost, Buff, and Power packs. Boost Packs raised all boosts to 500%, 600% or 700%, Buff Packs gave you 5 or 15 minutes of all buffs in the Battle Arena (max is 1 hour), and the Power Packs gave you +2 attack, +2 defense, +1 evasion, +1 accuracy, +20 max health, or +5 max mana.

The Mystery Tree or Epic Mystery Tree, which both gave you a large amount of coins when harvested.

Instant Exp and Coins could both be bought (separately) either for 10,000 or 25,000 Greencoin-template and 1000 Greencoin-template could also be purchased.


The mystery shop items stopped changing daily, and became permanent. Most boxes from the pre-explosion mystery shop were removed from the game and cards were added, changing the mystery shop from a box shop to a card shop.

Items that you could buy in the mystery shop were:

  • Custom Title Editor (6666 Red Coins)
  • Premium Ant Sprayer
  • Cards
  • Progress Box
  • Explosion Crate
  • Pixelated Mystery Box
  • Gambler's Box
  • Legendary Box

Awesome Update

During the awesome update not much changed to the mystery shop items, only red coins being removed in the game, making everything cost Blue Coins, Green Coins or Yellow Coins. Also the Custom Title Editor was removed, making only people who bought it during the Explosion able to still change their title in the Options menu. The Awesome Update also added a new box, the Awesome Crate.


Although Red Coins were removed during the Awesome Update, before the mystery shop revamp it used to say "You have x Red Coins" on the bottom of the screen in the Mystery Shop. This was implemented by Tukkun because people kept asking to bring Red Coins back and he got sick of it. Also, if you adventure in the Titled Zone and a transaction with Darkruler, Anti-Idle: The Game's secret accountant, doesn't work out, you have a chance to get a Red Coin. The number at the bottom will change, but the Red Coins cannot be spent in any way.