Mystic Forest
Mystic Forest
Image of Mystic Forest

Required Rank


Enemy Level Range


Area to the Left

Advanced Training Zone

Area to the Right

Night Forest

Area to the Top Right

Lullaby Lake

Number of Enemies




The Mystic Forest is the third area of the Battle Arena that contains enemies to fight. It has a background of a forest. It connects Advanced Training Zone and Night Forest. It also leads to Lullaby Lake, which can be accessed though the arrow in the right upper corner. However, to enter it, you will need to have ascended once.


All enemies here are equally likely except Strange Box, who has a 0.1% spawn rate if your rank is at least 100.

Monster Type Level (Casual)
Green Snail Normal 52
Blue Snail Normal 54
Old Snail Normal 65
Dry Snail Normal 56
Rabbit Normal 58
Carabbit Boss 70
Jr. Blob Normal 60
Blob Normal 62
Glob Normal 64
BlobBB Boss 80
Jelly Normal 65
Blue Jelly Normal 67
Slime Normal 68
Blue Slime Normal 70
Jr. Goop Evolving Normal 71
Blue Jr. Goop Evolving Normal 73
Goop Normal 74
Blue Goop Normal 76
Octopus Normal 77
Strange Box Boss 1

Area Information

Safe Area No
Underwater No
Base Spawn Rate 2.7 seconds
Base Rare Rate 1.2%
Base Ally Drop Rate 25%
Area Damage Percent 100%
Area Epic Rate 0% (0.2% in Worst Moon)


The connection to Lullaby Lake is for ascended players only.