The quest menu is the home of quests, events and the special shop. Quests and events give rewards for achieving certain things (e.g. clicking the Button Machine 10,000 times) or doing something on a certain day (e.g. harvesting trees in the Garden in August).

Main quests

The Post-Awesome Update Removal

On Oct. 14, 2011, the previous quest system was removed, along with the main quests, as part of the Awesome Update. The Main Quests were partly replaced with Newbie Support, formally called Newbie Quests, which was a group of fifteen tasks designed to help new players get started by giving them some basic goals to work towards. Once these tasks were completed, the "Graduated" achievement was received. This gave a permanent 20% boost to gained EXP and coins. The tasks required the player to use idle mode, the Boost Generator, the Garden, the Battle Arena, the Button Machine, and the Money Printer. Although Newbie Support could be found by clicking on the Quests button, these tasks did not count towards "Quest Completed" achievements.

The Revamp

In Pt. 1 of the Triangle Apocalypse, which came out on Aug. 07, 2012, Newbie Support was replaced by the revamped Main Quest System, which is used ever since (as of version No. 1534). This new quest system contained 124 quests, which had 4 ranks each: C, B, A, and S. 

There are also some daily quests, which give a low amount of reward, but can be repeated every day.


The new main quests all give different amounts of Quest Tokens and Event Tokens. However, the difference between certain ranks is the same, and they're as follows:

Rank Reward Multiplier
C 1x
B 3x
A 6x
S 10x

Random Quests

Main article: List of Standard Quests

Random quests are usually based on things having to do with the features or leveling up to a certain level. Examples include harvesting from your garden a certain amount of times, getting a certain amount of money from harvesting, winning races or bets in the stadium, getting a specific score on something in the arcade, or defeating a certain number of bosses in the Battle Arena. Quests are given to the player one-by-one, giving the player the option of actually completing it, forfeiting it for a cost of green coins, or instantly finishing it for a cost of blue coins. Every time the player forfeits or instantly finishes a quest, the number of green or blue coins required to forfeit or instantly finish the next quest goes up. The cost resets when a new quest is received on a new day. Note that it is not possible to forfeit more than 8 quests in a day or to instantly finish more than 5 quests in a day, as the cost of doing so would exceed the cap on green and blue coins, respectively. The following table summarizes the cost of consecutive forfeits and instant finishes (credit to BrandonG40 on the forums ).

Forfeit Cost Instant Finish Cost
1st 10,000 Greencoin-template 1,000 Bluecoin-template
2nd 50,000 Greencoin-template 5,000 Bluecoin-template
3rd 250,000 Greencoin-template 25,000 Bluecoin-template
4th 1,250,000 Greencoin-template 125,000 Bluecoin-template
5th 6,250,000 Greencoin-template 625,000 Bluecoin-template
6th 31,250,000 Greencoin-template N/A
7th 156,250,000 Greencoin-template N/A
8th 781,250,000 Greencoin-template N/A

Finishing a quest gives you a prize consisting of Quest Tokens, blue coins, and another item, such as an Awesome Crate.


Main article: List of Events

The Events tab in the quest menu allows the player to be aware of the day's event and gives requirements for receiving awards that go along with that event. By satisfying these requirements, the player earns Event Tokens, which are used in the special shop. As of the Awesome Update, there are daily attendance events that give 5 Event Tokens to the player for every 5 minutes played, up to 30 Tokens for the day, just for playing for an allotted time. A complete list of events can be found here (credit to Kijdhefgi).

Special Shop

The Special Shop has also opened in the Awesome Update. It has changed a lot since, first starting as a collection of 5 random items, then developing into 7 pages of useful items.

The Beginning

As said before, the history of the Special Shop has started in the Awesome Update. It followed some of the same principles of the old mystery shop. There were 5 new available items that changed every day. These could help the player with any of the features, experience, or may be a different item. These could be bought with either the previously mentioned quest tokens or event tokens. Every item can be bought with both of these currencies, and usually cost half as much event tokens as quest tokens, or vice versa.

Triangle Apocalypse

The first part of the Triangle Apocalypse also brought a revamp to the Special Shop. You could now scroll through 6 pages of items, from crates to Relics and 2x EXP/Coins. They could be bought with Quest Tokens and Event Tokens as earlier.

Later on, another page of 5 items got added to the previous 6 pages.

Update Help

Update help was a group of quests added in the Awesome Update that was used to help the player get used to and set goals to complete going along with the Awesome Update. It is no longer available as of version 1,534, but may be used again for major updates to come.