Advanced Training Zone

Click the opened window to access the Deserted Alley and Special Arena

In this raid, the player has to confront miscellaneous Bosses, starting with weak ones up to THE MEGABOSS, and defeat them all in less than 6 minutes. While participating in the Special Arena, the player gets a damage resist buff (although it's not enough to survive), cannot use potions, and Heal Skill is capped at 50,000 HP.

After defeating THE MEGABOSS, the player receives substantial rewards, such as significant amounts of experience, and a Gold/Silver/Bronze Trophy, depending on speed. The Gold Trophy and above can only be obtained by fighting in Hardcore Mode.

This raid can be accessed by first clicking the opened window (black rectangle) found in the background of the Advanced Training Zone to enter the Deserted Alley, and from there, clicking the Red Arrow to start the Special Arena Raid. Entering the Special Arena uses one of the 10 player's daily entries (which can be increased with a Permanent Perk).

Tips for killing THE MEGABOSS

  • Use a Mastery Potion to increase Dodge, Damage Reduction.
  • Use the Protection Ring for your first few attempts, until you're confident of your survival.
  • Use an Invisible Ally that increase boss damage%, like Corrupted Treeman, Corrupted BloBB, Chaos or CHAOS.
  • Use a Boss Hunter Pendant, which increases Boss Damage%
Megaboss stats

Megaboss Bestiary Entry