Ye Olde Pub
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Required Rank


Enemy Level Range


Areas to the Right

Beginner Training Zone, Technical Battleground

Number of Enemies




Ye Olde Pub is the initial zone within the Battle Arena.

It is the first location in the arena, and is safe from enemies, unless you have equipped the Sword of Ascendant. Once you meet various requirements, it also serves special functions.


Monster Type Level (Casual)
The Ascendant Boss 9001

See below for how to spawn the Ascendant.

Area Information

Safe Area Yes
Underwater No
Base Spawn Rate 10 seconds
Base Rare Rate 0%
Base Ally Drop Rate 0%
Area Damage Percent 100%
Area Epic Rate 0%

Getting There

Once you are level 25, and have at least 50,000 yellow coins, you can purchase the Battle Arena in the Feature Shop. Within the arena, you will also head here if you get killed nearly anywhere.  Most timed areas also will return you here when the timer runs out.


Main article: Robacon

Robacon (or Robroccoli in vegetarian mode) provides attack support when fighting monsters, in exchange for bacon (or broccoli). He is available at Rank 40.

Mission Kommander

Main article: Battle Arena#Mission Kommander's Mission

At rank 25, you will receive missions to kill monsters in exchange for rewards.


Free bacon/broccoli can be found left of Robacon/Robroccoli. Click on the bag. 15 more bacon is put in the bag each day. Doing so will also award a secret achievement.


Main article: Ascension

This is the location where you can ascend, as well. After feeding the Dragon 1000 times total, you get the Sword of Ascendant. Wait in this location with the sword, and you will fight against the Ascendant.  Before level 9000 or without the Sword of Ascendant, you will be unable to harm the Ascendant. There is no death penalty for this fight - you will not lose Arena EXP or your rings.